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Adam Minnick
Adam Minnick

Adam Minnick

Comedian, Writer, Podcaster, and Producer

Adam Minnick is a comedian, writer, podcaster and producer. He has worked at comedy clubs across US cities, such as Dry Bar Comedy in Provo Utah, the Improv Comedy Club in Chicago, the Punch Line Philly in Philadelphia and Harvey’s Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon as well as abroad in Dublin, Perth and Stockholm. Along with clubs domestically and internationally, Adam has performed at colleges and Universities such as Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN and Findlay University in Findlay, Ohio. Adam combines his act of observational humor with stories of traveling, teaching, appearances, sports, family and his wife to deliver a clean and intelligent act that entertains and engages audiences of all ages. Adam’s unique view on life is due in no small part to having spent much of his youth in the small town of Napoleon, Ohio and Perth, Australia and traveling everywhere in-between.

In addition to working clubs nationwide and appearing at comedy festivals like Gilda’s Laughfest and the Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha, Adam has become a published Children’s Author with his first book, “The Adventures of My Crazy Uncle Adam”, which has sold domestically and internationally.

Along with comedy, Adam is the host of the podcast “What the Fork?”, a show that highlights the creative process comedians and chefs go through in order to create a joke or the culinary experience. Each episode features a guest comedian and chef.

His latest project is a film “Forgotten”, which has been accepted to the New Filmmakers Film Festival in New York City. It is a true story based on the lives of his Grandparents who spent time in the camps during WWII.

Adam has also been heard on 700 WLW and featured in the nationally distributed magazine “ECLECTIC MAGAZINE”.

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